Roarockit vacuum press + all you need for DIY skateboard and other wood bending project

Our team offers Roarockit vacuum press and all supplies you need for DIY skateboard and other wood bending projects in internet shop. We also teach skateboard building courses for groups and individuals where students can make a custom skateboard or longboard deck using vacuum press method. Our course takes place in public workshops and schools and lasts about 6 - 8 hours split in two or three sessions. You can sign in directly at the workshop (all contacts on main page) or by contacting us directliy. We are happy to collaborate with educators who wish to teach our course at their premises. We also sell skateboard supplies (veneers, vacuum bags, surfskate adapters, wheels etc.) in our web shop. 























You can check some works of our students on Instagram; you can also see examples of deck shapes that can be made on our course on FAQ page. 

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